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Anonymous said: Whether that's true or not, that's...
Posted 2095 days ago

Anonymous said: His wife is an agent, I believe,...
Posted 2095 days ago

Anonymous said: You know it's back when it's 2012...
Posted 2601 days ago

Anonymous said: I've been DYING for a way to insert...
Posted 2765 days ago

Anonymous said: niraj isn't playing by the spirit...
Posted 2993 days ago

Anonymous said: So you know how SNL does 3 weeks...
Posted 3000 days ago

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Bush's approval rating does not matter anymore ... 2 terms, he's done.

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Shape-Shifting Architecture

Kirat submitted a story about a shape-shifting building being constructed in Dubai. An innovative way...

Twins get each other.

Kirat submitted a funny article from CNN about how some twins accidentally married each other because...

Google Moon meets X Prize

kirat submitted an article about Google teaming up with the X Prize Foundation to give a prize to whoever...

Robber gets robbed

kirat submitted a story about a mugger getting his own wallet stolen: After the 20-year-old stole...

Big Brother Absurdity

kirat submitted a story from Fox News about how in the show Big Brother in Australia, producers are keeping...

Baby born with three arms

kirat submitted an article about a baby born with 3 arms. Apparently while this has happened before,...

Praying doesn't help

kirat submitted his first story! In a study sure to incite controversy, a study failed to show the power...