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Anonymous said: Whether that's true or not, that's...
Posted 2155 days ago

Anonymous said: His wife is an agent, I believe,...
Posted 2155 days ago

Anonymous said: You know it's back when it's 2012...
Posted 2661 days ago

Anonymous said: I've been DYING for a way to insert...
Posted 2825 days ago

Anonymous said: niraj isn't playing by the spirit...
Posted 3052 days ago

Anonymous said: So you know how SNL does 3 weeks...
Posted 3060 days ago

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i think the phone thing was believable; they would totally have their little runner people making calls...


what? i thought you posted on that. oh well, that's a two-fer!


Yeeaaaaahhhh...Rishi's on the scoreboard with his first ever submitted story!


i liked it...but i agree with all that's said here. However, i especially liked this episode for one...


yeah, I also agree that its distracting, but i agree that its the conversations, and not the phone itself,...


i don't think this rating system is working correctly for me, did you screw it up somehow today


you and i are done.


Amanda is still Smokin. I was hoping that because it was HBO she'd stand up in the bathtub or something,...

i think i might be as well

His absurdity is funny, but its one of those things where it gets old creepy. Like the outburst last...


these have to be the biggest idiots in the world...who in the hell gave them funding for this? haha,...


those stupid ass inventors won't make any fucking money, cuz if people find out that they have that bullshit,...


dr. evil would be proud. i don't think i really feel safe with dolphins as a line of defense...great...

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Hi-res shots from new Batman

For those that don't mind minor spoilers (and really there's not even much spoilers here), rishi pointed...

Plastic Blood

This is pretty cool and will have some big implications. Researchers have created plastic blood which...